Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Minster 1

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The minster nave complete with slides from us.

The Minster 2

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This is the communion table, with me, bishop Martin, Danny, and 700 other people.

Visions of the Minster

Well I've finally got around to Vision-ry blogging. It seems a pretty good week to start seeing as the weekend has been such an interesting one. We did one of our biggest services ever, as part of the XL and XS youth meetings in York minster and it was pretty amazing! It took most of the second half of last week to hoist giant screens from the pillars in the building, to project onto , but by Friday evening it looked great! The minster has this cool cherry-picker-type lift instead of a ladder that the verger uses to hoist ropes from the tops of the pillars. A piece of equipment! The theme of XL was "one body" and so we designed lots of computer graphics images of body parts to project around the place. But the highlight of the event for me was the communion we had near the end of the evening. We used the instrumental mix of Winter by DT8 as the backing track to the liturgy which the bishop of Selby celebrated for 700-odd people. Liz from Hull added dramatic giant puppet type-stuff to illustrate the communion prayer which was rehearsed at one of the workshops at the event, and we played zoo-tv type wordburst stuff on the video screens while the bishop was speaking, then we sang some Visions songs during the distribution. Very hard work, and a bit nerve wracking, but well worth it!

XS in comparison was much gentler work for us. We had a prayer room in the amazing Minster crypt, with video projected onto netting, and just did a spot of video mixing and making the place look pretty for the bands and the worship in the nave.
Good fun!