Thursday, February 23, 2006

Poem: Holy Land

Hidden faces, hidden lives
Open spaces, step inside.

Crushed within the ancient walls
Sand and mist, and sellers calls

Smells of bakers hot, fresh bread
Of looming white walls, not said

Hidden secrets among the tombs
twisting passages, temples loom

The holy plateau stands open, restless
A vulnerable meeting of faiths, confess

XL and XS

XL and XS were amazing. The Minster was full of young people over the weekend. The place was a maze of colour and intrigue with installations and music to entertain the whole evening.

In XS Visions was based in the Crypt of the Minster, a great space for worship and to relax in a comfortable atmosphere. The arches of the roofs were low and so helped to create an atmosphere that wasn't too grand and overwhelming.

During the break while the young people were in the main area of the Minster, I lay down on a kneeler and looked up at the sparkling lights in the darkness, breathing in the space.

I took some photos of the space. They can be seen at Click on 'gallery' and go to the second page of albums.

I was there to help out and I realised that Sue and Malcolm had done a lot of work to make it so good! I certainly felt I got something out of the two evenings even though I wasn't a punter.

Heather's photos

You can see my photos of the trip to Palestine, Israel and Jordan at and clicking on 'gallery'.